Oct 14, 2021: We are unable to crawl the Disney site to maintain up-to-date availability. You will not receive any updates on your saved searches as a result. We have suspended ALL billing for PRO memberships. As has always been the case, anyone seeking a refund can send a message to support@dvcapp.com.

Below you will find a selection of customer testimonials regarding the usefulness of DVCapp. Whether you are looking to rent points as an owner or a renter, or if you are looking for hard-to-find dates at your favorite resort, DVCapp is here to help.

I think your website is the absolute best. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to execute my last four trips, including renting points for my first DVC trip. I’d be lost without you.

- Rebecca (member since 2018)

You have been amazingly helpful and we got our first sale.  Thank you so much!!!

- Elena (member since 2021)

DVCapp has been extremely helpful and very valuable! I also LOVE data, so I truly appreciate the Room Availability History, Rare Finds, and heat maps. They're fun to view!

- Kam (member since 2021)

I really appreciate your website and the service it provides. It's helped me to rent some points that were not getting used and I wasn't having luck with the rental service I was trying to use prior to signing up for DVCApp Pro.

- Jaden (member since 2016)

Thank you for the wonderful service your site provides.

- Denis (member since 2020)

I love your service and will definitely use it again!

- Elizabeth (member since 2016)